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Treatment is precise and gentle
with excellent results, whether your
.needs are aesthetic or medical


Treatment is precise and gentle with excellent results, whether your needs are aesthetic or medical. 

In a hot country like Israel, many people wear open sandals.

So aesthetic toenails are just as important as elegant fingernails.

Nobody needs to put up with ingrown toenails either.


 At Amy's Salon we take care of both your fingernails and the skin around them. Working in sterile conditions, we shape, strengthen and paint your nails, as well as use special preparations to cleanse them and improve their texture and aesthetic appearance.


 This is a therapeutic treatment for your feet. We remove dead skin, soften hard skin and shape and treat (also paint) your toenails. Should nails have medical problems we can deal with those as well. We work with care and patience to high hygienic standards.



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