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Amy's Salon

You sense from the first touch that
Amy's care, knowledge and passion
puts her in a different league.


Professional know-how, blended with
quality facial products, gives you the
look that others notice.

Hair Removal

Knowing how to apply the latest
technology to skin type and hair is
the basis for enduring results.


Treatment is precise and gentle with
excellent results, whether your needs
are aesthetic or medical. 


It's truly an art when delicate and
inspired touches can make you look
your best, for events and every day.

Amy's Salon

You sense from the first touch that Amy's care, knowledge and passion puts her in a different league.

Amy's Beauty Salon is located in a charming and tranquil corner of Hod Hasharon.

It offers you attentive treatment of the highest professional standard.

The right approach

Caring about every detail is the essence of any personal service – and especially so with cosmetic treatments. Often an issue may need a deeper look to decide on the best course of action.

During her 28-year career, Amy Druttman has built a strong reputation for never taking anything or anyone for granted. She gives treatments with great sensitivity and foresight. It's the reason why so many people stay with her for years.

A personal word

"Ever since I first qualified, I've always found something to be passionate about.

Aesthetic care is so much more than cosmetics. You have to understanding topics such as anatomy, skin biology, body wisdom and the chemistry of skin preparations.

The body has remarkable regenerative powers. When these elements are applied with the right balance, you can benefit from fine and enduring results."  Amy Druttman



Amy's Salon

4 Simtat Even

Hod Hasharon

Tel: 09-7460940